TIP - To keep your main (html) - page neat and easy to read, you can put the head or body javascript into an external .js file (minus html tags) and reference it from your page thus -
<script language="JavaScript1.2" src="MY.js"type="text/javascript"></script>

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To apply the "highlight" effect to a table, simply add the following code inside the <table> tag itself, like below:

table onMouseover="changeto(event, 'lightgreen')" onMouseout="changeback(event, 'white')"

Right-click - 'select all' (ctrl-a) then copy (ctrl-c) and paste to 'HEAD' of your page.

  Description: Give any table a "rollover" personality with this script! Using it, you can allow the cells of any given table to change color when the mouse rolls over them. This is a very powerful script that can add a little magic to any table, whatever the table is used for. The script can highlight either individual table cells (<td>), or entire rows (<tr>). You may also exclude select cells/rows from being highlighted.
  To exclude any cell(s) from the rollover effect, simply give that cell an id="ignore" declaration, inserted inside the <td> tag. If you had set the script to highlight entire table rows (by changing a variable inside the script), you can also specify the script to ignore the entire row, by adding id="ignore" inside the desired <tr> tag