16.05.17--08:51 (Syd)

History & Medications
Written by the subject - Colin Simpson   15-05-2017

1992   First diagnosed COPD.
2004   Specialist Frieberg Bankstown.
2004    Lived alone and shopping assisted by electric scooter. Walk 70m.
2012       Gave up smoking completely.
04-04-16   Playing golf with cart assist.
17-08-16   Enter Weeroona with 40m walk.
04-11-16   Hospitalised Nov. 2016 and confined to bed since.

Any dept. list that conflicts with the following info is not real. I have lived this since Dec. 2016.

Recommended by Braeside and Bankstown hospitals
2x10 mg mscontin   ordine 5ml every 4 hrs
seretide am and pm - 1 coloxl am - 1x oxybutynin am and pm - 1x Vitamin D am.
1x antacid am. Movicol or Actilax at my discretion.
Somewhere along, Spiriva has been dropped.

Recommended by Braeside and Bankstown hospitals and the Salvos Dietician. Due to my difficulty breathing, all agreed that my entire menu consists of :
Each meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
1 boiled egg and 200ml Ensure drink meal replacement.
Optional : plus 2 Ensure drinks.