After hours Replace catheter -
Check first that we have a replacement catheter 16mm and bag.
Ring 000 and ask for ambulance.
When you get on :
Say -This is not an emergency.
Ask - Could I please arrange a home visit by a Paramedic to change a blocked catheter for a resident at a nursing home?
Give details, my name, Weeroona Nursing Home (96453220) -14 Trebartha Bass Hill etc. I have had a home visit here before.
Remind them that I cannot go to hospital - this is a home visit. I am not urine retentive.
During normal hours we use the community nurse from Bankstown.
- Colin Simpson

Catheter blockage procedure -


I am not urine retentive. Recording bag quantities to sense a blockage is a waste of time. I 'feel' blocking up with slight pain on urinating. I am blocked when I force urine around the outside of the catheter into my nappy.
To minimise recovery time :
Under some circumstances, on a flush negative, I will contact Community nursing if quick action will save me an after hours paramedic or a long period of discomfort.

The longer the blockage builds, the more likely pain when withdrawing catheter.