Colin John SIMPSON.
Address: ***** Kentucky Rd. Riverwood NSW, 2210. - Phone: 0413 *** ***
Australian Citizen - D.O.B. **/**/1945 - Driver´s licence - 9****S
Email: justice4col@yahoo.com.au

  Intermediate Certificate (year 10)
  Electrical Trades Certificate (4 years)
  N.S.W. Electrical Supervisor Card

Experience, general

All job details.

Electrical fitter workshop. Domestic & multi-storey light & power. Industrial and Commercial : wiring, switchboard and service work. M.I.M.S cabling and termination experience.
Electrical Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance.
Air Conditioning:
Domestic & commercial, multi-storey buildings - wiring and set-up PLC controlled package units.
Supervision/commissioning of high-rise A.C. central plant - electrical and mechanical - air and water balancing.
Commissioning centrifugal and reciprocating chillers.
Completion of contract works. Service Contracts.