1961 - 66.

Stowe Electric.

 Apprentice - Operating: sheetmetal guillotine - screwing lathe - sheetmetal bender - arc welder (mild steel) - oxy-acetylene welding / cutting - heavy bench drilling - power metal cutting.
 Precision sheetmetal markout for large HV transformer tanks. Spray painting (enamel - metal) - mixing - prep - application.
 Repair electric motors (single & 3phase & D.C. - fractional to 100HP) - testing - stripping - rewinding. Winding HV transformer coils.
 Wiring switchboards (motor control centres).



Installation of screwed conduit in concrete decks at Holsworthy Army Barracks.



Maintenance and testing of power distribution transformers.

1968 - 69

Star Electric & Matthew Hall

Installation light and power and wiring of switchboards for small to multi-story commercial buildings.

1970 - 71.

Thomas Clark (Air Conditioning)

 Electrical installation of small to medium size central plant air conditioning for commercial buildings - leading hand.
 Foreman at Newcastle Hospital - installation of air conditioning central plant (M.I.M.S cabling).

1972 - 73.

Johns Industries (W.A.)

 Electrical installation of ore-handling plant at various locations in W.A.
1. Pinjarra - computer driven ore-stacker.
2. Dampier - Salt loader for shipping at Mistaken Island.
3. Cape Lambert - Ore-sampling plant.
 Experience in testing and commissioning of - power and control circuits and components for conveyor belt drives - safety and control switches and sensors - computer interface wiring - variable speed drives - electric and hydraulic control valves - fine-tuning control circuitry.


Kilpatrick - Green W.A.

 Electrical installation and maintenance for ore-handling plant at Port Hedland W.A. shipping port.
 Experience in installation and maintenance of conveyor belt power and control circuits and components - safety and control switches and sensors - variable speed drives - electric and hydraulic control valves - general ore-handling plant.

1974 - 76.

Haden Engineering (NSW)

 Commissioning of small to medium size commercial air conditioning - packaged and central plant.
 Air and water balancing - calibration electric, electronic and pneumatic controls - some installation work - end of contract client liaison.


Mount Isa Mines

Electrical maintenance:
 Underground at Hilton Mine: cage communication and lighting.
 Isa: Maintenance of copper smelter cranes (variable speed d.c. drives).

1977 - 79.

Frigrite Contracting

 Commissioning of air conditioning plant for 20 storey building Sydney city (consulting engineers Thomas Anderson Assoc.)
  Measurement and setting variable volume air distribution system and components - set variable speed drives - set up economy cycle and fire-damper controls.      >>cont'd

1977 - 79.

Frigrite Contracting (cont'd)

 Setting and calibration Honeywell pneumatic controls. Rewire electrical controls where necessary. Commission building automation computer A.C. interface.
  Balancing chilled, condenser and heating water systems - pneumatic control valve operation and setting.
  Commissioning Carrier centrifugal chillers and assist with boiler. Set up cooling tower and controls.
  Supervised warranty and maintenance period on site. Draft copy operating and maintenance instructions.

1979 - 82.

Carrier Air Conditioning.

  Air conditioning service - controls technician. A wide variety of contracts for service, system upgrades, air and water balancing.
 Commissioning centrifugal and reciprocating chillers and A.C. systems. Repairs to refrigerant circuits. Fault diagnosis in general.
 Apprentice on-site training.
 Servicing pumps, fans, control valves, dampers, automatic filters (and H.V. electrostatic).
 Setting up A.C. system economy cycle and fire damper control.
 Computer interface installation.


Direct Air

 Air Conditioning installation Contract Supervisor at Longreach Hospital refurbishment.
 Responsible for A.C. (plumbing, sheetmetal, electrical) services liaison with building contractor.
 Installation electrical power and controls.
 Commissioning stage one of the project.



 Resort on Long Island (Qld).
 Responsible for electrical maintenance of essential services (power and water) and the resort's alternator.
 Wiring of (concert) stage lighting - tennis court floodlights.
 Expansion of facilities (upgrading mains). Small backhoe operation experience.



Electrical installation (M.I.M.S.) New Parliament House (Canberra).

1985 - 87.

Carrier Air Conditioning.

Service contracts similar to previous with Carrier.
 Laid-off on loss of driver's licence.


Atlas Air

 General A.C. service and troubleshooting some poorly serviced contracts.
 Didn't fit in here because of resentment at my being hired without a driver's licence.


Brooks Marchant

Electrical installation for air conditioning plant - multi story. Computer interface wiring. (casual)

1988 - 92.

Walker and Fraser

 Electrical installation of air conditioning plant - multi story.
 Computer interface wiring and commissioning.
 Rewiring plant controls for computer upgrades.
 This position became untenable when company circumstances required me to travel unreasonable distances by public transport.