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A Summary of driving offences - Colin Simpson


First licenced - 1963 (age 18).



   (age 36): front to rear accident - my fault - no injuries -

(heavy rain) - midrange P.C.A. - 6 months disqualification ($250).



   (age 41): Right turn not from centre lane (from a 'right turn

only' arrow?) - midrange P.C.A. - 12 months disqualification ($500).

----- No speeding or other serious offences.


   Served 12 months and paid the fine, received my licence back from North Sydney Court.
    About 6 weeks later received a letter from the R.T.A. instructing me to return my licence to the police pending an inquiry into my drinking habits - neither R.T.A. or Police contacted me further.
    As I had a job not requiring a licence I did not chase the matter up - until 1992 - with a series of letters to North Sydney R.T.A. (a situation which they, apparently, were at a loss to know how to handle.    letter
   Eventually North Sydney Police (still housed next to the court), contacted me and made an appointment for me to attend a police interview on a Friday -
 at 11pm.     Attended the interview which entailed me answering questions orally, and police filling in a form. On completion informed "that's all" -   not asked to read or sign the form.
   After some weeks of no communication from the RTA and after several letters outlining my case and the absolute necessity of a driver's licence in my trade I received this: " Due to an adverse police report on your drinking habits, this licence will not be re-issued".
   Shortly after this fiasco North Sydney Police Headquarters was relocated away from North Sydney Courthouse.
   After 13 wasted years on the dole and then the pension and developing emphysema I contacted Riverwood Police who could give no reason why I couldn't apply for a licence and, on my request, refused to provide me with a copy of my criminal record.
    Licence application (Padstow) where I was told (for the first time) that I was suspended for 99 years. After many phone calls to Head Office I was given a medical report form (biased - a glossy version of the police setup of 1992).
    Submitted medical form to head office and was granted a learner's licence.
   The ongoing requirement for medical reports is now just further harassment.
   I have fulfilled all necessary requirements for a licence. I have 25 years driving experience (15 professional), and I believe my licence should not be burdened by any further atypical medical testing.

   Due to their questionable actions I no longer have much faith in the integrity of the office of the RTA or the police department.

I will not be filling in any more forms that



the shady deal of 1992.

I used to be an electrician - controls technician -
air conditioning service mechanic - contract supervisor.




 This travesty cost me at least 15 year's salary - and cost the State 15 year's social security
payments and taxation.
           Justice?      ---      Bullshit.