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Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional


The Html is in 4.1 transitional. The page layout (table) is older style but popular and resizes very well. The page background is a 3 column, 2 color table 1300 pixels wide.
Five tables - logo, linkbar, and 3 for content (0px border) - are pre-written over it.
Styles are in external stylesheet 'main.css' - you can change default positioning, size, color and style of all major content here.
After the pre-written 'center' table in the html, you can write any new content in a table and "paste" it onto the page whatever screen location suits you.
In 'main.css' is an example style 'New table1'.

A simple, versatile Pop-Up script that will work in browsers with javascript disabled :

I-frame - typical example :